Been a franchise of one of the most glamorous choices of high-end cafes in Europe, Diamante blu follows the Guideline of COSTADORO’s  café executing the typical barista type of Piedmont coffee tradition, the real origins of espresso Italian coffee. Having adapted the contemporary style of cold and hot coffee drinkers it covers the full gamma with also including slide modification suggestion like caramel cold coffee and aromatics espresso. Diamante blu taking in to consideration health issues, lactose free gluten free and low fat meals of it’s customer also provides solution for every palate.



Doppio (Double Espresso)

Americano / White Americano



Café Latte

Café Latte Flavor (vanilla, caramel)


Hot Chocolate

Nescafe Frappe

Fredo Cappuccino

Ice Latte Flavors (vanilla, caramel)

Ice Latte

Fredo Macchiato

Fredo Espresso

Irish Coffee with Jameson’s Whiskey

Calypso (Tia Maria)

Royal (Remy Martel)


Black, Green, Herbal

Homemade Herbal Ice Tea

All Coffees are also available decaffeinated and alternative vegan coconut milk